Tukwila annexing the Triangle? South Park Neighborhood Association and city will tell Boundary Review Board ‘no’

Two relatively small areas of unincorporated land in South Park – known as the “sliver by the river” and the “Duwamish Triangle” – have been expected to be annexed by Seattle. But there’s a twist. Now there’s a move for the latter to go to Tukwila instead, and last night, the South Park Neighborhood Association unanimously passed a resolution saying the area needs to go to Seattle. The resolution calls for this SPNA action:

“That a letter be sent to the Boundary Review Board opposing the annexation by Tukwila of the Duwamish Triangle. South Park has known that once the new South Park Bridge construction is completed that the City of Seattle would assume responsibility and expense for operation of the bridge. That assumption of responsibility would include annexation of the “sliver by the river” as well as the Duwamish Triangle. The City of Seattle and King County have negotiated in good faith to bring this long-awaited annexation to pass. The Duwamish Triangle is contiguous with the “sliver” and must be included in the annexation by Seattle.”

That letter would be sent in advance of a hearing the Boundary Review Board has scheduled for 7 pm October 22nd at Beverly Park Elementary, 1201 S. 104th.

The board also will have a letter from the City of Seattle opposing Tukwila annexation, according to City Council President Sally Clark. Back in June, as reported here on TSPN, the city learned that some property owners in the Triangle were pursuing Tukwila annexation, and started to draft a resolution putting Seattle on record as interested – which, a council committee was told at the time, would put the Tukwila effort on hold, if it was finalized before a petition came in representing at least 60 percent of the property in the annexation area.

However, the resolution wasn’t done in time, Clark says: “As Seattle was drafting a resolution stating our intent to annex the Triangle, we heard that Tukwila property owners had amassed signatures totaling more than the 60 percent threshold. We put the resolution we were drafting on hold at that point. We (Council and Mayor) still believe that the City of Seattle is better geared and resourced to provide services to the residents and businesses of the Triangle and the Sliver. … It would be my preference, personally, that the City of Seattle annex both areas. There are both service provision and fiscal reasons that this makes great sense.”

We’ve asked Council President Clark for a copy of the letter the city has sent or will send to the Boundary Review Board, and will add it here when we have it. The official notice of the October 22nd public hearing is here.

  1. James says:

    The comments made by Sally Clark is such crap. If Seattle is so keen on annexation, then where the heck have they been for the last 50 or so years? The two areas in question have been unincorporated for DECADES and Seattle has done nothing. Now–due to Tukwila’s annexation intentions–Seattle is chomping at the bit to seemingly “do the right thing.” Sally Clark mentions that: “…We (Council and Mayor) still believe that the City of Seattle is better geared and resourced to provide services to the residents and businesses of the Triangle and the Sliver.” Again, if that is the case, where has Seattle been all these years???

    Funny, that they (Seattle) says that they’re better suited to provide services (which is indeed true in some regards), however where have they been with establishing ILA’s in handling police and fire services? I’m sure the firefighters from White Center love DRIVING BY a Seattle fire station to respond to calls in either of these isolated areas. Would’ve been better for Seattle to provide these services via a contract of ILA–but no–Seattle is incapable of that. But NOW they say that “we’re in a better position to serve that area.”

    You folks in the “Sliver” might end up in Seattle, and that might be fine for you. However, the Delta Triangle is going to Tukwila. Seattle–you’re too late. It’s very doubtful that the BRB will block their annexation attempt. Done deal.

  2. James says:

    Hey, nice that you deleted my previous comment. What’s up with that?

    • Editorial Staff says:

      Haven’t deleted anything. It was in the spam box, where the system throws things for no reason sometimes. Out now since you flagged us via this comment. Thank you.

  3. george says:

    The answer is because the new bridge is finally funded, so now annexation can come once the bridge is finished. I’d rather have Seattle since their services are located in South Park, and because when it came time for money to help fund the new bridge, the City of Seattle was very generous. Maybe you should go ask Tukwila how much they put in the pot for the new bridge.

  4. WC says:

    Say “NO” to Burien

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