Sudden twist in annexation: Duwamish Triangle property owners pursuing Tukwila

The annexation briefing that just wrapped up at Seattle City Hall has taken a sudden twist: Some of the biggest property owners in the Duwamish Triangle are pursuing annexation by Tukwila instead of annexation by Seattle, the City Council has just been told. So far, they have presented a petition to Tukwila representing 10 percent of the assessed property valuation in the potential annexation area – which is claimed by both cities. If they get more signatures and give Tukwila a petition representing 60 percent of the property valuation, then Seattle would no longer have the opportunity to pursue annexation, council staffers explained.

The city sees the Duwamish Triangle – which is home to Delta Marine, described in the meeting as one of those pushing for Tukwila annexation – as necessary to annex along with the “sliver by the river”; if both areas are annexed, it’s a “net revenue gain,” the council was told, but the “sliver” would be a “net revenue loss.” Councilmember Richard Conlin says he’s urging that the city do whatever it takes to avoid getting shut out of potential annexation, and several others agreed. They had been hoping to pursue it by “interlocal agreement” – getting King County to approve Seattle annexation – but may have to pursue via the Boundary Review Board and a vote by area registered voters (there are 22, the council was told). If the Seattle Council passes a resolution going on the record as saying they expect to pursue annexation, they can pre-empt the Tukwila bid, staffers said.

While Seattle feels it could serve the area more thoroughly – with a fire station close by, for example – Council President Sally Clark pointed out that one motivation for the property owners could be that Tukwila has no business-and-occupation tax, while Seattle does. From the consensus toward the end of this morning’s discussion, it looks like they WILL pursue a resolution.

  1. Dylan says:

    Is there a map available outlining which areas are being discussed above?

    • Editorial Staff says:

      There is, somewhere. I need to find it. Sorry, crashed this out kinda quick but will track it down … TR

  2. Editorial Staff says:

    …and, have added it. Courtesy of CM Conlin’s website.

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