South Park Neighborhood Association’s new board

The South Park Neighborhood Association board, newly elected at Tuesday night’s meeting, includes a change at the top: Dagmar Cronn is now past president, with two new co-presidents accepting the baton:

SPNA Board for 2014-2015

Co-President Brooke O’Neill
Co-President Lora Suggs
Vice President Tom Fragasso
Co-Secretary Sera O’Neill
Co-Secretary Irene Stupka
Treasurer Alan Nechols
Director Gloria “Jackie” Jacquemart
Director DeVona Lahrman
Director Monica Lopez
Director Isabel Mireles
Director Peter Khai Nguyen
Director Yami Rios
Director Lashanna Williams

SPNA Representative and Alternate to the Greater Duwamish District Council:
GDDC Representative Brooke O’Neill
GDDC Alternate Dagmar Cronn

SPNA Representative to the Southwest Precinct Advisory Council
SWPAC Representative Betsy McFeely

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