South Park Marina boat-fire followup

Went to the Marina this morning to look for signs of the aftermath of last night’s firefighting effort; you can’t tell from the street overlooking the marina – except for the burn mark on the side of the boat – since the damage was mostly on the east-facing side, we’re told by Seattle Fire Department spokesperson Kyle Moore, who provided this followup information:

It originated on a 42 foot Chris Craft boat that was moored at the end of a very long dock. The original report came from a live-aboard who noticed the smoke coming from the boat. The boat had a tarp covering it. When we arrived we had a more than 800-foot hose lay. Once we got the hose to the fire we put it out right away.

The fire was contained to the interior of the boat and no other boats were damaged. We also sent Engine 4 (our Fire Boat) to the scene.

It turns out the Marina was located in King County area. While we put the fire out, King County’s Fire Investigator will determine the cause. 16th and Cloverdale is Seattle City territory. 8600 Dallas South is King County territory.

There were no injuries.

We will of course be checking with King County.

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