South Park Bridge work hits a snag, county roads rep says

FRIDAY UPDATE: The county confirms the bridge won’t be ready before 2014. When in 2014, they don’t know yet. Details here.

LAST NIGHT’S REPORT: We’re at the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council meeting tonight on behalf of partner site White Center Now, and a King County Roads rep has just said something somewhat startling. Jay Osborne – there to deliver a general update on the Roads department’s budget woes – was asked about the timetable for South Park Bridge completion, and while it’s supposed to be done in a year, Osborne said there’s been a bit of a glitch involving how one of the caissons was sunk- and “conversations” are under way now to see what will be done about that and how it would affect the timetable. That isn’t mentioned in a new update on the official webpage, dated today and reading:

Both in-water bascule piers have been sunk to final position since October 10, 2012. Decks on two of the four approach spans are complete. Both abutments are under construction. Reconfiguration of 14th Avenue South, Dallas Avenue South, South Sullivan Street and South Sullivan Place is complete. Bascule span and trunnion frame fabrication complete. Machinery and electrical fabrication nearly complete. Drainage systems in place.

We’ll be following up Friday to find out more about this situation.

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