Photos: Lucha Libre’s triumphant return to South Park

(Also published on our partner site West Seattle Blog)

No, that masked man is not a wrestler! Onstage at Duwamish Waterway Park last night, it was community advocate Bill Pease, who thanked people for rallying to make sure the Lucha Libre Mexican-style-masked-wrestling showcase could come back for a third year. You might say last night’s event was an afterparty following up the afternoon-long Duwamish River Festival.

Just a few weeks ago, Bill had told the South Park Yahoo! e-mail group that the wrestling event was in danger of not happening because of funding challenges – and a sudden surge of support saved the day. So there he was in the ring last night, before the wrestlers jumped in – like El Viento:

El Viento faced off with Sónico and, according to co-publisher Patrick Sand, “won the match, but not before Sónico put the smackdown on the ref prior to dragging El Viento out of the ring and on the ground in front of the fans.”

Real Lucha Libre fans really get into it, masks and all:

The wrestlers are from Lucha Libre Volcanica, the region’s only Lucha Libre school. Follow its Facebook page to see where else around Western Washington you might see them next – before they return to South Park next year.

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