Photo gallery: South Park’s vivid, vivacious Fiestas Patrias celebration


(Grupo de Danza “Quetzal”)
Though clouds drifted in later, perfect weather graced the Fiestas Patrias parade as it wound along South Park streets at midday today, celebrating multiple Latin American cultures, as well as South Park itself. Spectators were as delighted as participants.

Not only did humans dance, horses did too:

Martha Camerena cheered them on:

Julian Rodriguez held on to his mom while watching other horses:

(What, you haven’t seen enough of the horses themselves yet?)

Remember Lucha Libre Volcanica, from July’s big wrestling show in downtown South Park? They were in today’s parade too:

Mario Perez had candy for those on the sidelines:

So did Sea Mar Community Care Center queen Deborah Gobel:

Kim Adams clapped to keep her dancing band moving outside her South Park home during the parade:

It’s not a parade without politicians – 11th District State House candidate Sarah Sanoy-Wright campaigned during the parade:

Businesses joined in too – like Liberty Tax Service:

Cars too:

And more cars!

206 Riderz members rolled on:

Spectators spanned a wide range of age – on the single-digit side, Marko Delatorre:

Toward the other side of the spectrum …

The Sounders’ band marched:

Wenatchee student mariachis played too:

Bright skirts twirled:

A mesmerizing sight for all lucky enough to be there!

Throughout the afternoon, a festival followed at the SP Community Center.

BONUS PHOTO: From West Seattle, Denny International Middle School came to join in – this photo is courtesy of principal Jeff Clark:

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