• September 21, 2014

THIS IS ONLY A DRILL: FYI – Boeing Field drills scheduled all week

Boeing Field will be the scene of two “mass-casualty-incident drills” each of the next five weekdays, and since you might notice all the emergency vehicles in the area, we’re helping get the word out. As the official announcement put it, “Because officials are trying to create a realistic response, the media is asked to help us notify the public that this is only a drill … and is a potential visual distraction.” Details:

The dates of the drills are Sept. 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26. There will be two drills each day. The sessions run from 9 a.m.-noon and 1:30-4:30 pm. …

These practice scenarios help prepare firefighters, police officers, and paramedics for an actual plane crash by creating a realistic environment with a large number of “patients.” While emergency responders deal with patients daily, MCI situations are relatively rare and have different medical protocols. Aircraft or bus crashes and hazardous materials leaks are examples of MCI situations.

The drill also helps the King County International Airport meet FAA requirements for its Airport Emergency Plan.

Over the course of the 10 sessions, approximately 700 personnel including first responders, communications specialists, “volunteer actors” and Airport personnel will participate in the drill. The exercise objectives include:

* Testing of the Mass Casualty Incident plan
* Ability of different agencies to work and communicate together during a large scale event
* Ability of rescuers to operate in and near an airplane
* Organization of “unified command”
* Use of the Incident Command System
* Meets the criteria required by FAA for KCIA’s Airport Emergency Plan

The scenario will involve a large aircraft at the south end of the KCIA. An aircraft body mockup will represent a commercial jet, and dozens of volunteer actors will have make-up to represent various injuries. Emergency vehicles will respond, stage, and arrive at the crash scene just as they would during a real emergency. …

The participating agencies: King County International Airport, King County Medic One, Tukwila Fire Department, Kent Fire Department RFA, Renton Fire Department, SeaTac Fire Department, Maple Valley Fire Department, Seattle Fire Department, King County Fire District 20, Valley Regional Fire Authority, Burien/Normandy Park FD, North Highline Fire Department, King County Sheriff’s Office, The Boeing Company, Valley Communications, South King Fire and Rescue.

  • September 20, 2014

Rollover crash on South Cloverdale

It’s only on the 911 log as a “medic response,” but police say it’s a rollover crash that blocked Cloverdale between 12th and 14th. The road is open again now, and SPD says no one suffered major injuries.

  • September 19, 2014

Meeting next week to review ‘Duwamish Blueprint’ regarding salmon habitat

Another announcement in the ongoing work regarding salmon habitat in the Duwamish River:

The Duwamish River transition zone is crucial for recovery of Chinook salmon in the Green/Duwamish and Central Puget Sound watershed, also known as WRIA 9. Specifically, young salmon migrating to the Puget Sound from upriver need intertidal mudflats and marsh habitat to rest, eat and grow while they transition from fresh water to saltwater to improve their chances of survival.

The 2005 WRIA 9 Salmon Habitat Plan called for a “Duwamish Blueprint” – a plan for creating salmon habitat in the Duwamish. A Duwamish Blueprint Working Group was convened in January of this year, and has met seven times to update the location of the transition zone based on newer science, identify habitat project opportunity areas, and establish guidelines for building successful habitat sites. The intent of this document is to help meet salmon recovery goals by providing needed information to those seeking habitat restoration opportunities.

WRIA 9 and the Duwamish Blueprint Working Group plan to finalize this document by early November, and we invite anyone who is interested to become familiar with the document and provide comments. For a link to the draft, see Duwamish Blueprint. Please direct questions and comments to Elissa Ostergaard at elissa.ostergaard@kingcounty.gov (by October 7th)

All are invited to learn more about the Duwamish Blueprint at an evening event on September 23, 2014, 6:30-7:30 p.m. at the Tukwila Community Center, 12424 42nd Ave S., Tukwila.

For more information about salmon recovery in the Green/Duwamish and Central Puget Sound Watershed (WRIA 9), see govlink.org/watersheds/9/

  • September 17, 2014

Vandalism at Concord: Community member’s letter to superintendent gets results

That vandalism on the campus of Concord International Elementary School in South Park should be gone soon, if it’s not already – per a promise made by Seattle Public Schools‘ acting Superintendent Dr. Larry Nyland to concerned community member Alan Puckett, who sent the photo and this letter:

Dear Superintendant Nyland,

I’m writing to request more timely attention to ongoing issues with gang graffiti on the property of Concord Elementary School. Gang tags have been a recurring problem at Concord Elementary School, and reports to the online City of Seattle Graffiti Removal website have repeatedly failed to elicit timely response despite the fact that these tags are placed on public property where dozens of children (and probably many adult SPS staff…) see them every day.

This particular tag (see attached picture) was reported on September 06, 2014 to the City’s online graffiti report site viaGraffiti Report Service Request # 14-00110777. As of this afternoon there has been no action.

My neighbors and I are struggling to keep gang tags off our property and out of our neighborhood. We need your help. I have painted out and helped clean up numerous gang tags on my block, directly across the street from Concord Elementary School. I pay for cleanup supplies myself and donate my time and sweat because I care about our neighborhood. Please do your part.

Thank you,
Alan Puckett

We were cc’d on that letter sent yesterday afternoon. 22 hours later, the reply:

Mr. Puckett,

Thank you for the email about graffiti at Concord Elementary School. We have directed our facilities staff to send someone out to the school property to cover any/all such markings on our buildings and property. I thank you for taking the time to write and bringing this to our attention. We appreciate your concern and looking out for all those who share in this community.

Venetia Wallace (for Dr. Larry Nyland)
Executive Assistant
Superintendent’s Office

  • September 16, 2014

Neighborhood Center’s future: Special meeting tonight

Tonight (Tuesday, September 16th), all are invited to this meeting announced by Randy via the Yahoo! list:

What: a meeting to answer questions about the Future of the Neighborhood Center

When: Tuesday, September 16

Time: 6 – 8 p.m.

Where: South Park Neighborhood Center
8510 8th Avenue South

Who: City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen, other city staff, and a representative from Providence

Why: the city wishes to respond to questions and concerns from the community about the future of the Neighborhood Center building, including those raised at the June 17th ‘emergency’ meeting regarding the center.

The plan for the meeting is to have an SPNA co-chair convene the meeting and then turn it over to Councilmember Rasmussen and city staff to answer the questions from the community. My plan is to insure there will also be at least one representative from SPARC attending the meeting, in case questions are asked that are best answered by SPARC.

However, the intent of this meeting is to prioritize the time for the city and the community to dialogue with each other.

  • September 13, 2014

Fiestas Patrias Parade 2014: Video, photos

(UPDATED: Scroll past the Instagram videos to see dozens of photos!)

2:04 PM SATURDAY: It was an incredible morning for a parade. We will have lots of photos later, but first, a few of the short video clips we shared on Instagram:

The festival continues at Sea-Mar until 6 pm.

ADDED SATURDAY NIGHT: Photos! All by TSPN co-publisher Patrick Sand. Toward the start of the parade, Mayor Murray and Police Chief O’Toole:

Aztec dancers:

A belly dancer held court on a float celebrating soccer:

So many danced in the parade:

Or serenaded:

Then, there were the riders. The motorcycles:

Smaller bikes paraded, too:

And there was a glorious show of cars:

Some riders weren’t on two wheels OR four – or any wheels at all:

And the people – like the entry from South Park’s own Concord International Elementary School:

The energetic entry from Denny International Middle School:

And tiny marchers who won’t be with the school groups for a few years:

Seattle Public Library, which of course has a South Park branch, sent its “Bookineers”:

Seattle Police Explorers helped along the way:

Local political groups participated, too.

And groups with other messages – like, eat your fruits and vegetables!

  • September 12, 2014

City Council District 1 candidate Chas Redmond announces ‘chat’ events, including 1 in South Park

Next year, as you’re probably aware, the Seattle City Council is in for a big change, becoming an organization with seven district-elected representatives and two at large, instead of all nine being elected at large. South Park and West Seattle comprise the new District 1, which has two declared candidates so far, Chas Redmond and David Ishii. Redmond, a West Seattle resident, is the first to campaign actively, and has just made this announcement:

City Council candidate Chas Redmond, former chair of the City Neighborhood Council, will be available to meet and talk with neighbors in his West Seattle and South Park communities during a series of “Chat with Chas” coffee shop events scheduled throughout the month.

Chas has filed his paperwork with the Public Disclosure Commission and the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission to run as a City Council candidate for District 1, to represent West Seattle and South Park.

Redmond says he is running to bring a neighborhood voice to City Hall to improve all forms of transportation, improve accountability on City projects and to work towards greater equity among and between neighborhoods, particularly with regard to distribution of city assets. He says the Chat with Chas events are a chance for him to listen to West Seattle and South Park neighbors and merchants to better represent them as their first district-elected councilmember.

“If elected, I will focus on representing West Seattle and South Park in a City Council that reflects an awakened accountability. Accountability starts with listening, and for eleven years I have listened to neighbors and merchants in my many roles as a community, sustainability, and festival leader. These chats aren’t a one-time listening tour – it’s the beginning of a whole new relationship between West Seattle and South Park voters and their own councilmember.”

The Chat with Chas events are open to any Individuals or groups who would like a chance to sit and talk with Redmond and will take place on:

September 14, Sunday 4 pm to 6 pm – Admiral area at Caffè Fiorè, 2206 California Ave SW;

September 16, Tuesday 5 pm to 7 pm – Westwood Village area at Westwood Village Starbucks, 9023 25th Ave SW;

September 17, Wednesday 11 am to 1 pm – Alki area at Ampersand Coffee Shop, 2726 Alki Ave SW;

September 19, Friday 11 am to 1 pm – Delridge area at Pearls Tea and Coffee Shop, 4800 Delridge Way SW;

September 20, Saturday 11 am to 1 pm – White Center area at 314 Pie, 9602 16th Ave SW;

September 22, Monday 5 pm to 7 pm – Alaska Junction area at Uptown Espresso, 4301 SW Edmunds St;

September 23, Tuesday 11 am to 1 pm – Fauntleroy area at Original Bakery, 9253 45th Ave SW;

September 24, Wednesday 2 pm to 4 pm – South Park area at Via Vadi Coffee, 8600 14th Ave S, South Park;

September 26, Friday 5 pm to 7 pm – Morgan Junction area at Caffe Ladro, 7011 California Ave SW.

Chas Redmond is a long-time West Seattle transportation, sustainability, parks and civic activist. Redmond is a retired NASA Public Affairs Officer who moved to West Seattle in 2003 and immediately became involved in West Seattle community and transportation activities. Redmond is a three-time Chair of the City Neighborhood Council, a City-chartered citizen engagement organization, one of the founding members of Sustainable West Seattle, former board member and community map and trails collaborator for Feet First, former member of the Camp Long Advisory Council, and the live events and music producer for the Morgan Community Festival, the Alki Art Fair, the Delridge Day Festival and additional festivals throughout Seattle. Redmond has been an advisory council member of Seattle’s Pedestrian Master Plan, Seattle’s Bike Master Plan, Seattle’s Transit Master Plan, and the RapidRide C Advisory Panel. Redmond was also involved as a community member in the West Seattle Triangle Plan.

Those interested in learning more about Chas Redmond and Chas’ history of community engagement can visit his website “westseattle4chas.org” or like his FaceBook page “facebook.com/westseattle4chas.”

Redmond announced his candidacy last December.

  • September 12, 2014

Fiestas Patrias on Saturday: Parade and festival in South Park

(The South Park News photo from 2012 Fiestas Patrias parade)
Fiestas Patrias is this Saturday – starting with the parade at 11 am, heading from the community center on down 14th Avenue South, and then a festival at Sea-Mar Plaza continuing until 6 pm. Food, kids’ activities, entertainment!

  • September 8, 2014

South Park Neighborhood Association agenda for September 9, 2014

As published on the Yahoo! mail group:

September 9, 2014 MEETING AGENDA

South Park Neighborhood Center

7:00 pm
Meet and Greet/Introductions

7:15 pm
Anyone is free to suggest a topic for discussion at a future meeting. E-mail SPNA President (lora.suggs@gmail.com or brooke.eliza@gmail.com). Visit our website at http://allaboutsouthpark.com/category/meeting-minutes-and-agendas/ for previous minutes.

7:20 pm
Boeing Clean Up – Project Status/Update (Brian Anderson, Boeing)

7:25 pm
Police Report (Officer TJ Berg)
Community Police Team officer Jon Kiehn – will discuss future information sessions on 911 calls and blockwatches.

7:30 pm
Duwamish River Opportunity Fund (DROF) Request for Letters of Support for:
-Proposal for improvements on the 8th ave. S Trail/Duwamish Bikeway (formerly know as the “Scary Trail”)
-Tree Canopy Enhancement – increasing trees in South Park and Georgetown.

7:45 pm
Greenspace Vision Plan – South Park Green Spaces Coalition being formed – looking for representatives from the community.

8:00 pm
Subcommittee has been formed to look into the options for the Neighborhood Center building.

Next meeting
Tuesday, October 14, 2014, 7:00 pm- 8:30

  • August 23, 2014

Been to the Duwamish River Festival yet? It’s on until 4 pm

Get out on the river during the Duwamish River Festival, on until 4 pm at Duwamish Waterway Park! We dropped in and found a big turnout:

It’s a chance to learn about what’s happening with the river and many of the organizations/agencies working in and alongside it.

Entertainment too (see the schedule here) – during our visit, the Sounders FC band Sound Wave was playing:

And don’t miss the chance to get the official festival T-shirt:

The Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition organizes the festival; many organizations and businesses sponsor it (including us here at TSPN).