New South Park transfer station now expected to open in March

Last November, we checked on the status of the new transfer station, and Seattle Public Utilities told us they thought it might be used starting this month on a limited basis. A question about its status came up on the South Park mailing list yesterday, and we checked back with SPU’s Andy Ryan, who replies:

The South Transfer Station project team is completing their final planning, systems testing, and training of staff to operate the new station. We expect to begin directing the garbage trucks to the new station in March. If all goes as planned, the station should open to self-haul customers a few weeks after that.

You might recall that its “dedication” was held last May 30th – overshadowed that day, despite significant media attendance, because, just as the ceremonies were ending, the Café Racer murders happened in North Seattle (followed by the killer’s suicide in West Seattle), and gripped the entire city’s attention for the rest of the day, and beyond. SPU has since explained that the dedication was meant to happen before testing and trial runs because of the nature of the station’s work, and the fact its floor would be no place for ceremonies and dignitaries once it was actually being used.

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