Update: Natural-gas outage in South Park

2:01 PM: If you’re without natural-gas service right now – it’s apparently related to a situation that Puget Sound Energy announced for the Highland Park area of eastern West Seattle, just up the ridge. In all, PSE says at least 1,000 homes and businesses are without natural gas because “a natural-gas regulator is having some problems.” It is NOT a gas LEAK, stresses PSE spokesperson Ray Lane; he says it means that the gas is cut off somewhere and not flowing to customers. “Once the gas-system pressure is operating normally, PSE personnel will go door-to-door to inspect the meters and gain entry to re-light furnaces, water heaters and other gas equipment,” he says. They’re promising an update on the situation soon.

2:48 PM: Here’s the update from PSE:

Approximately 1,120 PSE customers in the South Park area are without natural gas service due to a suspected problem with the gas system pressure equipment.

This means there is not adequate gas pressure in the system to operate equipment, such as furnaces, water heaters and other appliances. The situation is not due to a natural gas leak.

PSE is on site to correct the problem. We have 28 technicians in the field and will be working to shut down gas service to impacted customers. This allows us to reintroduce gas into the system safely. We anticipate having all customers shut off by 8:00 p.m. Once we have tested and stabilized the system, PSE personnel will need to enter homes and businesses to relight equipment. This may not occur until late in the evening. Customers wanting gas restored overnight should leave a front exterior light on. Service crews will be available all night and through tomorrow morning until all customers are restored.

As in any situation, call PSE or 911 immediately if you smell leaking natural gas. For updates, follow us on Twitter.com/PSEtalk or call 888-225-5773. PSE representatives will also be able to answer customer questions at the South Park Playfield at 8th Ave S and South Sullivan Street.

Our photo above shows crews mobilizing on the aforementioned playfield.

THURSDAY MORNING UPDATE: Some are back on, but not all. From PSE’s Twitter feed:

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