AS IT UNFOLDED: New South Park Bridge celebration!

(UPDATES CONTINUE into the evening – scroll down!)

1:42 PM: If you haven’t gone to 14th Avenue South yet – the party is well under way! We arrived for some early photos between 12:15 and 12:45 and are adding a few here, including this quick panorama from UNDER the bridge:

Pieces of the old bridge are forever part of the new one and its surroundings:

We’re heading back for the 3 pm dedication and all the festivities that follow. Big question is “When can we walk on the bridge?” Answer: Right now you can walk on the south-side path to the south tower for “self-guided tours”:

After the 3 pm ceremony, starting by 4:30 pm, the bridge will be open to all. Two music stages – one by the bridge …

(added) … where Two Scoops offered “Open Up the Bridge”:

… and one a few blocks south at Donovan:

ESPN Deportes announcers are there too:

This is the coolest dancing-in-the-street we saw in the early going:

Art is happening, too:

And you can walk under the bridge as well as (later) on it:

More to come!

We’ll be posting to the West Seattle Blog Instagram feed inbetween official updates.

4:59 PM: Open for walking!

C’mon down if you haven’t been here yet!

5:56 PM: The parade was much bigger than we expected – including the South Park float, with Executive Dow Constantine and Roads director Harold Taniguchi doing the parade wave:

Here’s the view looking southward onto 14th, as people followed the end of the parade:

We’ll have a separate gallery with parade photos/video.

8:04 PM: And then as the evening began – Lucha Libre Volcanica took the stage on the southwest side of the bridge:

LLV is the region’s only school where you can train to become a luchadore – masked Mexican-style wrestler. And its luchadores now come to South Park for a show every year – this time, it coincided with the bridge bash.

The luchadores go through outrageous moves and antics in their matches.

Still more to add!

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