Update: South Park house fire in 8300 block of 10th S. ruled ‘accidental’

(Photos by TSPN co-publisher Patrick Sand; added 2:38 pm)
12:28 PM: Fire crews are in the 8300 block of 10th Avenue S. right now for what’s reported as a house fire. More details as we get it.

12:39 PM UPDATE: The fire is under control. No injuries reported. An investigator is being called in to figure out how it started.

12:50 PM UPDATE: And firefighters (as monitored via scanner) report it’s tapped (all but out).

1:01 PM UPDATE: The Red Cross is being called to help six adults.

7:13 PM UPDATE: From Seattle Fire Department spokesperson Kyle Moore: “The cause was accidental, improperly discarded smoking materials in the couch. The damage estimate is $70,000 to the structure and $5,000 to the contents.”

  1. Kyla says:

    any idea which house it was in particular? My house is on that block so this story gave me a small heart attack

    • Editorial Staff says:

      Kyla – the number on the 911 log is 8307. We keep stories general because sometimes the house number on the 911 log does NOT turn out to be the house number of the fire scene, but rather what was reported to 911, or the closest address, or something else. We will have someone down there shortly so I will ask him to verify the number.

      • Noel says:

        Hi my name is Noel, I live in Rose street. I just wanted
        To pass on info, our water is brown after fire.
        Due most likely to water pressure after Fire dept
        Used nearby Hydrant. I called water quality dept
        At SPU and they said they will contact me. And I will
        Pass on info.

  2. george says:

    My friend Steve and hard worker guy was affected by the fire. He emailed me to tell me he was put up in a motel last night. But will most likely not be able to return. So we’ll have some homeless folks. Anyone know of rooms for rent?

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