Change in command ahead for Seattle Police’s Southwest Precinct

After two years as commander of the Southwest Precinct, which serves South Park as well as West Seattle, Capt. Steve Paulsen has just announced he is being reassigned. On January 2nd, he takes over the South Precinct – and his Southwest Precinct predecessor Capt. Joe Kessler returns. Capt. Paulsen says:

I have truly enjoyed my time serving our folks of West Seattle and South Park the past few years … and I will greatly miss my officers and residents that I have come to know and care about.

I am looking forward to new challenges with my next assignment. Just as in West Seattle/South Park, the Rainier Valley, Beacon Hill, SODO and Georgetown each has their own identity as neighborhoods and I am excited to develop those relationships as well as those with my South Precinct police officers.

Capt. Kessler left in September 2010 after 2 1/2 years to lead the West Precinct and then moved into a special role on the department’s ethics project.

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