Annexation: What happens now? ‘Up the priority list’ for Seattle Council, says its president

With the Boundary Review Board saying no to Tukwila annexing the Duwamish Triangle, a big question looms over the area: What now? We took the question to Seattle City Council President Sally Clark, who chairs the Committee on Economic Resiliency and Regional Relations, which has jurisdiction on annexation among other matters:

We’re taking stock of what the BRB did last week. I’ve had a chance to talk with staff in the hallway, but we’ve not had a chance to sit down yet. I’ve said before that the Sliver and the Triangle make a lot of sense together for Seattle, but there are still big questions about long-term bridge maintenance responsibilities, drainage and roads. And the North Highline vote makes the annexation world even more interesting.

So, nothing definite yet, but this whole subject shoots up the priority list for Council attention this year after the BRB’s action and the North Highline vote.

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