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The South Park News is published by A Drink of Water and a Story Interactive, the parent company of award-winning West Seattle Blog and White Center Now, leading online news services for those respective communities. Tracy Record and Patrick Sand are co-publishers; Tracy is editor. South Park has incredible people – and a great list-serv – but we hope that TSPN can help augment the community coverage and discussion in time, with news reports as events warrant. Thank you to the SP neighborhood leaders who gave us their blessing to give it a shot! You can reach us with news tips 24/7 at 206-293-6302 (our round-the-clock line for all three sites).

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  1. Westie says:

    Do you have a contact email address?

  2. Mike Eagan says:

    For quite a long time now, the WSB has been a tremendous asset to the community, even beyond your neighborhood. Congrats on TSPN. I’m confident the service you provide will grow and serve us all well. Best wishes.

  3. K.S.Kelly says:

    Any chance of getting a lost and found or small classified section for S. Park residents?

  4. Dan Bentler says:

    I have started my own electric vehicle training program here in Seattle

    – Electro Motive Innovation and Training. This is an effort with three “divisions”

    1. Existing industrial – I will be starting a training program with the Monorail maintenance folk on July 10. The Monorail is 50 years old and running on all that non solid state archaic DC controls – just like those I learned on in the Navy. Am also in I hope what are final negotiations with Pacifica – they have the contract to assemble the First Hill Streetcars for Seattle.

    2. Future electric vehicle service and repair technicians. Electric Vehicle implies “cars” too much so I use term Electro Motive. This applies to small equipment ie mobility scooters to very large ie heavy truck railroad or marine.

    3. In association with Seattle Parks Dept training similar to #2 for high school kids. Minimum age is 14. They are giving me free space for my efforts so in trade I train their kids.

    I am starting classes at the South Park Community Center as listed below
    June 20 6pm Basic Physics and Mechanics
    Jun 27 5 pm Basic Electricity
    July 5 Basics of AC and DC.

    Can you list these on the calendar. How do we go about it?

    Dan Bentler

    • Editorial Staff says:

      E-mail us at editor@westseattleblog.com (I don’t have a SP address set up yet but it all goes to me anyway, for WS, SP, and WC) – please include whether registration is required, if there’s a cost, etc., do you have a webpage with more info (or Facebook page) – thanks! – Tracy

  5. rebecca says:

    do you know if/when South Park will have the neighborhood garage sale?

  6. Bill Pickard says:

    How to I get an announcement about a public meeting posted here?

  7. Paul says:

    Why isn,t the Art Under $100 listed in the calander of events? After all it IS the event of the year :)

    • Editorial Staff says:

      Sorry, don’t know how that happened – we even have it on the hoildays page of our West Seattle site! Fixing.

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